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Having photographed couture brands for the majority of my career, it is very exciting to bring that finesse of craft to a ‘design item’ and create my own standing lamp that’s simple yet impactful ,”


- Marie Wynants.

Marie Wynants, a professional dancer at first, who retrained as a photographer and has campaigns for iconic brands such as Delvaux and Café Costume to her credit. Together with her grand amore, Mathieu Terryn, she launched “croquestar” – she photographed the pamphlet of greasy delight.

For the last couple of years, the renowned Belgian photographer has been capturing the hearts of design and fashion lovers with her shots that evoke the inherent elegance of the human body.

There has to be a certain elegance to it. I created the standing lamp for kapsul -  in the same way explains Marie.

Kapsul x Marie Wynants_c_The Fresh Light_045.jpg

at kapsul collection, we are thrilled to announce our collab with creative soul Marie. The thing is, we think in every work of her there is a sort of “Marie-stamp” – expressive, eclectic and you’ll find a bit of curiosity in it. She always works from her gut feeling, which is exactly why we saw her as the perfect match to design a 7th standing lamp for kapsul collection. Her sense of aesthetics, materials and penchant for luxury resulted in this beautiful design.

The fact that it’s a real piece of art, we decided together to number the items, so the standing-one is a real limited edition item,”


- kapsul team

Kapsul x Marie Wynants_c_The Fresh Light_105.jpg

The base is very sober, classy and has been glazed with a shiny finish that contrasts nicely with the architectural fabric of the shade.

For the shade, a linen fabric, with the spontaneous beauty of natural yarns, whose impact lies in the contrast between texture and transparency. Thanks to its open weave construction, it allows the light to filter through, despite the assertive presence of linen.

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