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”What if Kapsul, known for its colourful pieces, could extend the minimalistic colour palette that I use is my work? BAM! It felt very natural from the beginning, the positive vibes, mutual interests and penchant for fine materials resulted in these beautiful designs",


- Jeroen Broux.

Jeroen Broux. The graphic designer – with a specific style that can be described as strong, sleek, clear and balanced – that got back to working with his hands on canvas on paper.

The style of the pieces he creates is an extension of the graphic language Jeroen uses as a designer. Clear lines and boundaries, subtle forms that are in balance and communicate with each other, and a minimalist colour palette that does not dominate.

Spontaneous paint strokes contrast with hard, controlled lines. Gravity also plays its role.

I love working on textiles and with textures.  I thought about designing something in 3d before. That our paths crossed is no coincidence! explains Jeroen.

Kapsul X Broux_c_The Fresh Light_008.jpg

at kapsul collection, we are so excited to announce this new collection together with creative artist Jeroen. A role-play of clear lines, subtle forms in ceramics and textures come together as one.


A new limited edition, numbered collection is born. A real collector's item.  

Together we decided to number (0-25 / work) and certifie the items,

so these-ones are real limited edition items,”


- kapsul team

Kapsul X Broux_c_The Fresh Light_264.jpg






The colours are very sober, classy and the ceramic tiles have been glazed with a shiny finish that contrasts nicely with the three fabrics in the back.

For the canvas, three linen fabrics, with the spontaneous beauty of natural yarns, are chosen to blend. We think, the impact of these beauties are the combination of the different textures and shiny details of the handmade ceramic tiles and... for sure the strong independent lines that Jeroen uses. Thanks to the different weave designs, it allows create depth in the works. And...thanks to the assertive presence of linen.

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