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West Flemish entrepreneurship is apparently something well-known. These two enthusiastic creatives are already proving it. The designers chose to play with each of their passion: ceramics and interiortextiles.

A bunch of laughter, serious talks and crazy drawings later - their first collection 'standings' came to life:

six unique lamps were ready to be born.


I grew up in the textiles "atelier" of my mom - so the smell, the feeling of many different fabrics and textures, inspires and stimulates me every day. I launched my own linen collection and besides of that I operate as a textile home decorator. 

Self-development, freedom and social are three values that characterize me.

When I am true to myself ­— when I spend time doing things that make me extremely happy and avoid things that get me down — then things feel perfect.

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A hobby that became my fulltime job, my passion. Thanks to a pottery class, I was able to express my love for interior decoration and its conviviality.

Appetite, nonchalance and simplicity are three values that characterize Val Pottery and above all, my personality.

I have an appetite for life and I want to put that playful accent in everything I design. Self-created and designed pieces, that’s what inspires me the most.  And certainly when each work of art is handmade with the utmost care. 

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