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Kapsul collection levels

 kapsul collection

Pattern and color have been brought to the forefront to create a statement.

The second collection, levels : happy statement rug runners where clay and textiles meet all over again.


Levels , a creative design is born and another proof of the shared passion of Valérie and Rebecca for pure materials, unique objects and happy pieces. Above all it’s designed with respect for the environment.

Levels is a fantastic way of introducing color or pattern into your home. With their cozy-chic, plush underfoot feeling carpet is making a comeback in a big – and very stylish – way.

Whichever room you are decorating, it’s worth making a fuss of the floor.

In our opinion, carpet runners are here to stay, for sure! You can make an impact in any room. And they are easy to replace.” – Valérie & Rebecca.

Levels N° 001

Levels N° 001

Levels N° 002

Levels N° 002

Levels N° 003

Levels N° 003

Kapsul Collection Levels - lifestyle images73.jpg

Combining an uncommon design with a classic base (that brings a sense of calmness) with playful textures and hues is a well-bespoke choice they make. It offers an opportunity to be adventurous.


As a finishing touch they integrated a handmade tile in different colorful glazes as their special signature.

With respect for materials this hand-tufted beauty is made with the best of materials: from the fibers in the threads to the pigments used in the unique colors of the carpets.

They used 100% natural fibers such as wool and Tencel. On top of that, the creations are EU tested at the Textile Department of the University of Ghent, ensuring their technical qualities.

Wool Tencel Levels N° 001.jpg

As with everything in life, treating things with care helps to get the best out of them. It’s no different with this hand-tufted beauty.

Please find here some tips and tricks to ensure the long life of your runner rug. .

Levels lifestyle N° 003.jpg
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